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What ComesTo Mind When You Think Of Vampires? Maybe Count Dracula Off Of The Children's Television Show...

When I think of Vampires, I don't think of the blood sucking kind, I think of the power sucking kind. OUR ELECTRIC POWER!!

What impact do you think leaving lights on, home office laser printer, Wi-Fi, and desktop computer on every time you leave the house?

When was the last time you unplugged your electronics before leaving the house? Unplugging your game console, DVR, cable box and more?

Back in 2015, the National Resource Defense Council estimated that “inactive” electronics wasted $19 billion a year in electricity. Well, you can fight back.

How much do you think your annual savings would be if you remembered and had time in the morning to implement these energy reduction strategies? $1,241 a year in savings if you’re still using 60-watt light bulbs, and $521 a year if you are using LED bulbs.

What if every time you armed your system this would be automatic, or simply turn everything off from your smartphone app . That's right, remote unplugging. We make all this happen with smart AC outlets. We combine all these smart automation and integration solutions to get you a savings of up to 30% on energy cost.

So as energy prices continue to go up. You have a hedge of protection for your budget.

This is the kind of convenience and savings that will benefit you for a lifetime. Wouldn’t you agree?

That’s exactly why you should contact us by text at 804-494-5200, and one of our Smart Security Advisors will design a system that fits you best.